Brand strategy development. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Brand strategy development

Brand strategy development for modern brands

brand strategy development is not a random processBrand strategy development is not the first thing you should look at when deciding to launch a brand or rebrand an existing one. Call us, and we can take you through the entire brand strategy development process.

It is the second thing you do. The first thing we do is model the target audiences because to have a persuasive brand, and not the kind other brand companies build, you need to look dispassionately at the audience. Let me explain why.

Stealing Share created a new category of brand agency. The tired old pseudo-science of brand development needed a rewriter

Brand and branding, as practiced by traditional branding companies, is a house of cards. It is more illusion than reality.

That’s because they limited the definition of brand. We expanded it and focused on it.

Your brand should be about the customer

A brand is not an identity. Identity is a small part of the brand, and it arises out of this new paradigm of brand strategy development.

brand strategy development focus on the customerThink of your brand as a highly polished mirror. A mirror that rivals the one in the Hubble telescope. The difference in this mirror is that it looks within your galaxy of customers and focuses the image of a single representative of that target audience.

A persuasive brand is not a static picture of something. To be persuasive, we need the customer/prospect to identify with the brand. We want them to gaze up into that Hubble-like mirror and see themselves reflected at them.

Our brand strategy development begins with this simple understanding: great brands are about the customer, not the product or service the brand represents. Marketers need to worry about the needs and wants. BRANDERS (brand strategists) have a more complex job to perform.

Brand strategists need to be anthropologists. They must understand the very fiber of the target audience so that as they begin the brand strategy development, it holds within it the target audience’s DNA.

At Stealing Share, we have a name for this skillset; we call it brand anthropology. Consider how powerful your brand would be if it quenched all the needs and wants of your target and at the same time represented to them an aspirational vision of themselves?

Personal identification is our only goal

developing a brand strategy is the sole purpose in everything we doTo accomplish this, we created a measurably scientific model we call Preceptive Behavioral modeling.

Our brand strategists model the emotional essence of your customers and prospects. We build a roadmap from the emotional belief systems that define us as people. It connects the dots between those belief systems and the needs and wants that marketers believe drives behavior.

Then, we insert that DNA/RNA into the brand itself. To be persuasive, the brand gets its permission from the customer to be important. That self-identification amplifies and product or benefit your brand has.

Micro-marketing today

brand strategy development is not what you thinkThe digital world and social media today hold untapped promise for marketing executives and brands. Micro-targeting and segmentation are now possible. And that micro-targeting propels Stealing Share’s brand strategy development process as more prescient.

Our goal has always been to redefining branding science in a new and persuasive way. The ability to finely slice and distribute your brand message in micro and macro markets is advancement.

We are a rogue rebranding company and will continue to push the boundaries of how hard your brand needs to work. Call us. Let’s have a conversation and make your brand much more than identity. Let’s make it magnetic.