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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 June 2017

The brand stickiness of Trump is about emotion

Brand stickiness is often tossed about when rebranding. The idea is to make the brand message more memorable.

brand stickinessTo say it a different way, making the brand message more important is the goal. That way, it sticks in the minds of target audiences.

Emotion vs Rational

Here is where most brands get in trouble. Companies wince when we talk to companies about emotional connections. Emotional ideas are namby-pamby to them.

Many think these emotional values are trite. They believe purchase decisions and preference are driven by rational ideas. They could not be more wrong.

“Don’t think that this blog is a dump on the Donald. The same emotional recklessness that elected him drove Hillary’s supporters too.”

Politics. A case study in brand stickiness

Just this morning, I was thinking about the mess that defines American politics today. And I consider the issues that determine how people vote.

Are they driven by rational thinking (the answer is self-evident) or is the brand stickiness of party loyalty the emotional thing? Again. The answer is self-evident.

The standard business process

Look at the voting patterns in the last election—through the eyes of a packaged goods brand manager. Start by doing SWAT analyses of the opposing candidate. Then create a “T” chart listing the pros and cons of Hillary and Donald. Think about the issues each of them support.

Then, try to prioritize the importance of the pros list. Do the same of the cons.

What was most important to the voters?

I can promise you one thing for sure. The results had little to do with all of your strategy work. At the end of the day, cast ballots reflect emotional feelings. Not rational values. Don’t think that this blog is a dump on the Donald. The same emotional recklessness that elected him drove Hillary’s supporters too.

We don’t prioritize things in rational ways. People are driven by emotions. They rationalize the logical reasons to support the emotional judgement. It’s neither good nor bad. It just is.

I’m sure those that voted against Trump think those that still support him are blind. Im equally sure those that did support him see all the news as FAKE, overblown and biased. Both are examples of brand stickiness. We continue to favor the things that we connect to emotionally.

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