Climate change and why some Americans don’t buy it

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

14 April 2014

Many aren’t looking at global warming right

An international conference of climate change and global warming met in the last few days and came up with global mandates on greenhouse gasses and how much we need to reduce emissions. Those mandates are intended to limit the activity of human development on climate change.

Personally, I think we need to do something about our activity and the results of climate change. Currently, I live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina and I never paid for an oceanside property and a view of the beach. Our office in NYC is not part of the NY Aquarium yet either. My hope is that both remain as they are.

“Personally, I am worn out form the energy of partisan politics. Why not try to agree on principles and go from there?”


global warmingI have friends who smirk at the idea of climate change. One is a scientist and, while he smirks about climate change— or more specifically human causality of climate change, he labels it as just politics.

As a nation, the US is so focused on the politics of everything (maybe it’s because half of us graduated with a worthless political science degrees) that we are cynical about EVERYTHING. If the Republicans ask for fiscal restraint, the Democrats claim it is a result of a total disdain for the poor and near poor. If the Democrats ask for tougher emission standards, the Republicans claim it is because the Dems hate business.

Please. Can we not agree on at least two basic things? Can’t we all agree that we should try not to spend more money than we have and that we need to cut down on the amount of pollution we dump into our own back yard? If either of these ideas is a puffed up illusion, then it is an international conspiracy of proportions even my cynical head can’t get around.

It feels as if we are the only ones who debate either issue. The world’s scientific community says that the climate is changing and we are responsible. The world’s economic community believes it is not healthy for governments to spend more than they have except in the most extreme circumstances.

Personally, I am worn out form the energy of partisan politics. Why not try to agree on principles and go from there? Oh, now I remember, we don’t have principles.

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