Stealing Share - Branding
The brand agency for fearless brands.
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A brand agency that pushes the brand to its limits. Stealing Share knocked the brand agency world on its ass. The branding world has changed, and we made that happen. We created a map to meld rational and emotional positioning that unleashes brands to succeed.
Stealing Share - Branding

A brand agency that takes no prisoners

You Googled a search for a brand agency. And here you are. So, the question is, why should you read what we have to say and call us? Because it is time to re-think what a brand agency is and how they work.

We think of ourselves as a rogue. Outside of the pale. It is no doubt true. We believe conventional wisdom and common brand development are old-school and stupid.

Our clients agree with us. If you do, stop right here and call us.

My God, why are you looking to rebrand?

I guess that it’s not because you have a slush fund just laying around. Collecting dust. And your C-suite thinks you should consider a rebrand for prettier pictures.

No stinking way. You are here because you don’t think your brand has reached its highest potential.

You think it is a shriveled legacy of what it once was. Or the market has changed, and the players have changed too.

Maybe you have changed and think the revised product or service deserves a new look.

In other words, you want to steal market share?

a brand agency with a better idea

Isn’t that a coincidence? That’s our name. It is what we do.

We don’t think you should invest a dime into a rebrand unless it helps your product or service grow at the competitors’ expense.

Another parochial brand agency will gladly take your check. Here is a link to one we chose randomly. They are all the same anyway.

Here is how we were borne

We started like a proper brand agency. Do you know? Created a logo, maybe a trade name. Produce a catchy tagline and claim a position in the market that seemed to be an improvement.

But we were having trouble sleeping at night. We began to feel like a branding version of an advertising agency.

The traditional thinking (and it is still the case in other brand companies) was challenging to evaluate. It was merely an identity project without teeth.

As a matter of fact, it had to be without teeth because that old brand agency had to sell it through to the client.

A pretty picture that offended no one was easier to sell than something edgy.

You see, the problem is what we call “the smartest man in the room syndrome.” The brand agency is only as valuable if they pretend to know what works and what doesn’t. Call us and we will prove it

All they can say is, I believe this is good.

The last thing you want when your rebranding is to win the beauty contest by looked as expected as the all-American mannequin.

Here is our process

We interrupt the message… that’s right. Your rebrand needs to interrupt your market.

It needs to alight itself and digest the highest emotional intensity in your market. It must find that single intensity and then grab onto it with all your might.

It sounds a bit like a scientific archaeological dig, doesn’t it?

And it is.

We created a scientific model that allows us to find the emotional triggers that bind customers to a brand.

This model also is a predictive calculator that opens a world of emotional connections and predicts the actions that occur when your brand adopts it. Call us and we will show it to you.

And we are no longer the smartest guy in the room

top brand agencyYou are because we created an in-house research arm that tests the model in a projectable and quantitative way.

Resultant Research, our sister company, had to find a means to quantify what we usually think is qualitative data.

Primary Research means that you see the same data we do. And it is life-altering to see what your target markets believe to be true and emotionally crucial in their lives.

Then we build your brand around the singularly highest emotional intensity in your market. That becomes the rebrand’s position. It becomes the definition of the people you need to influence.

No brand agency does this

That’s because they don’t think an identity mark or logo needs to be in any way persuasive. They see it as stagnant and apart.

We see it as the key to stealing market share.

Because it is emotionally charged, it affects everything you do and speak. It changes Marcom, marketing, sales, and sometimes even operations.

It disrupts the category and gets the brand embraced.

Meanwhile, our spectacular creative group does all the creative executions to make the brand pop.

And our strategist trains your employees in the new brand by making all of them stewards of it.

Talk to us.