BP’s Senate testimony

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

12 May 2010

BP Senate Testimony Epitomizes Their Failure

I blogged a few days ago on the brand issues facing BP framed in the context of the ongoing disaster in the Gulf.  If you need further proof of how much BP as a brand has failed, look no further than yesterday’s Senate testimony.

BPForget the image of “environmental responsibility,” how about just plain old “responsibility.”  What we saw yesterday in the Senate testimony were three grown men pointing their fingers at the other two saying, “He did it.”  BP, the owner of the well, Halliburton, a subcontractor in the construction of the well, and Transocean, the platform operator, sat there apparently oblivious that what happens as a result of this spill will affect not only their jobs but the future of domestic energy policy as well.

“BP, no its not easy right now to be responsible and take the high road, but it is essential.”

Interestingly, both Transocean and Halliburton both pointed their fingers at BP while BP hunkered down and pointed their finger Transocean.  Last time I checked the definition of responsibility it had something to do with being held accountable for your actions – the buck stops here, so to speak.  I guess at BP, the definition is something different, perhaps ending with, “only when it is easy.”

BP, no its not easy right now to be responsible and take the high road, but it is essential.  It is what your brand is supposed to be and represent, and you failed.  Forget the sluggish response.  When given the opportunity at the hearings to take responsibility and tell the world,

“We are BP.  It is our duty to take responsibility for this and we will double our efforts to put all resources we have available to handle this situation and ensure it does not happen again.”

You simply said,

“He did it.”

Great lesson in being responsible.

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