BMW enters the electric car chase

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

29 November 2016

BMW enters the electric automobile world

Who better to make an electric automobile than BMW?

In the world of automobiles (let alone an electric automobile), there are very few meaningful brands. For the most part, they are simply cars. They have a steering wheel, four tires, an engine and a gas tank so you can get to where you need to go. You can’t tell one from another.

The BMW brand has a long heritage of innovation. With roots that go all the way back to pre-war Germany, the manufacturer originally made airplane parts (you can still see that heritage in the propeller that is the BMW logo). So it really comes as little surprise to me that BMW is moving into the next big thing in automobiles the electric car.

BMW is one of those brands that actually triggers an emotional response. Its “The World’s Ultimate Driving Machine” suggests the experience of driving, a love affair with using the automobile. “Driving” is the emotional word here.

“Like most of the rebranding garbage out there, Belk ended up with a new logo and color palette and not much more (smells like politics to me).”



electric automobileFor that reason, now that BMW has entered the electric automobile age with the unveiling of the i3 at the International CES convention, the rest of the market better watch out. There is no one better positioned to add electric automobile technology to the automobile than the “World’s Ultimate Driving Machine.

The i3, which will become available in April, has many cool features, including a table-style touch screen that’s wired into the Internet (but not while you’re driving!), programs to preheat or precool itself and LED taillights.

It is, by BMW’s own admission, an attempt to target the Millennials (ages 19-36) who want more technology in their cars because they grew up in the techno world.

In full disclosure, I am a BMW driver (not an electric automobile) and I’m supremely confident that the BMW brand will make this electric car another “ultimate driving machine.” The competition should take note.



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