I just read this: “BlackBerry Ltd said on Monday that three top executives, including its chief financial officer, are stepping down as part of a widely expected shake-up after it named an interim chief executive and shelved plans to sell itself.” But is this all that Blackberry needs?

blackberry needs help with_business_problemsHere is what amazes me. Blackberry has been in deep trouble for a couple of years now and, on two different occasions, I reached out to the now-departing Chief Marketing Officer to ask if he would like our help. Both communications were ignored.

Now, while I believe what we do here at (eponymously named) Stealing Share, is exactly what Blackberry needed…no one, not a single soul at Blackberry ever so much as inquired as to what we do and how we could have helped.

What is it that Blackberry needs?

Is it too late? Not yet, but the sky is darkening as each precious day passes. One thing is for certain. There is nothing wrong with the Blackberry product. What it has is a serious brand permission problem and an inability to steal market share from the two 800-pound gorillas in the market.

Wait a minute. Did I say Blackberry has a brand problem and needs to steal market share?

Let’s see how serious the board is about not just fixing the problem but figuring out which problems need fixing. I’ll keep you informed if Blackberry ever decides to call. Hey, Blackberry executives might not like how we do things, but one would think they would have investigated that a long time ago.

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