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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 October 2017

BlackBerry Motion represents the same old, same old

My critiques of the BlackBerry brand over the years read harshly. And for good reason. My assessment of the BlackBerry Motion phone? It’ll be just as blunt.

BlackBerry MotionLet’s start here. Images of the BlackBerry Motion phone leaked on Twitter. As you can expect, what we saw was completely underwhelming.

For one thing, the Motion presents nothing different than anyone else. In fact, the new BlackBerry looks a lot like a Samsung S5 or an iPhone 6. That’s about 2-3 years too late. So, why bother? Especially when BlackBerry’s market share stands at 0.0 percent. That’s impossible.

Why, then, is BlackBerry still around and introducing new phones? It’s simple. BlackBerry believes it still has loyalists. It obviously doesn’t, otherwise its market share would rise above the GPA of Blutto in Animal House.

“Who are these people? They still really do exist?”

BlackBerry Motion keeps its market share low

Still, a few BlackBerry loyalists emerges from the comments section of the Twitter leak article:

“Classy, smart. “Productive and reliable.”

“Aston Martin market share is around 0.01% of car sales but they still build them.

There are still customers that want the high level of security that Blackberry offers (mostly corporate customers). It’s a small market but that doesn’t make it worthless.”

“I hope this phone does it for me. I have been holding out for the perfect BlackBerry all touch phone. Hopefully not too pricey.”

Who are these people? They still really do exist? Truth be told, I acted like one of these BlackBerry fanboys years ago. Back in the day, I held steadfast with Apple. Even when it was hanging onto 5% market share.

There’s a difference, though. The Apple brand means something. It means thinking differently, An emphasis on design and simplicity. The BlackBerry brands means outdated technology. It’s even losing its core audience of business people.

Therefore, the main problem with the BlackBerry motion is that it offers no reason to switch. When you copy the market leaders, you simply raise the market share of those leaders. They are the default choices when everything rates equal.

The Motion isn’t a life saver for BlackBerry. It’s just another device we all soon forget about. Even by those few sticking by the brand, for now.

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