A once-iconic brand has just thrown in the towel. BlackBerry has released its BlackBerry Classic 2, which is just what the name of the phone suggests: A “modern” BlackBerry with all of the features of the once beloved road warrior carried by millions.

In many ways, it looks like the iconic phone – the built-in keyboard, optical trackpad and its traditional navigational keys. By today’s standards, it does look like a dinosaur in form and design. I feel pretty confident in saying that was the point.

This is the last we'll see of BlackBerry.

This is the last we’ll see of the once iconic brand.

It feels like BlackBerry’s strategy with this phone is to try to bring its once rabid fan base back home by giving those fans something they know instantly just by looking at it.

The problem is that it is way too late. Its rabid fan base has moved on to other devices and BlackBerry has fumbled its brand so much I doubt it has the brand power to reengage fans. This is nostalgia – a look back, not a step forward.

Perhaps it is a parting gift, a thank you to the handheld device world it helped create. A gift to the users who never quit the brand. If so, enjoy your new phone BlackBerry users and use it to salute better past days for the brand because I don’t think we will see it again.

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