Biomimetic Therapeutics


Biomimetic logo developed by Stealing Share

Podiatric surgeons say they get no respect. They also say their work is repetitive with nothing much to get excited about. This brand launch told them to REJECT ORDINARY, challenge the way they see things, and bask in the attention they deserve.

Biomimetic full page ad developed by Stealing Share
Biomimetic trade show booth and interactive touch screen developed by Stealing Share
Biomimetic touch screen developed by Stealing Share
Biomimetic website developed by Stealing Share
Biomimetic room drop developed by Stealing Share

Trade Show Visitor In-Room Display

The display is placed on the trade show visitor’s hotel room desk prior to their arrival. Push the button and hear:

“There are times when something important comes along that changes everything. As surprising as it sounds, not everyone will come by our booth to see it.”


Other Brand Launch Items Completed for BioMimetic:

Brand Standards

Trade Show Booth and Show Materials

Email Teaser Campaign

Direct Mail Brochures and Folders

Presentation Templates

Stationery System


Brand Training Video



Biomimetic was bought by Wright Medical who then hired us to rebrand them as well.

Biomimetic Web Story

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