Big Moe, why degrade your brand for Little Caesars?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

15 March 2017

Makes me wonder if Big Moe really is a BBQ expert

I often find myself occasionally flipping through the myriad of channels on television. I inevitably end up on a channel like History, TLC, Destination America or some other network, watching some kind of reality show. (As if any of it is real.) Destination America carries BBQ Pitmasters. Big Moe stars as a competitor turned judge. I have come to the conclusion that Big Moe does not understand his personal brand. Here he is in the latest Little Caesars ad.

“But Little Caesars?! That’s where a BBQ expert goes? Little Caesars? Home of the $5 hot-and-ready pizza?”

Some background on Big Moe. He hails from Iowa. A recognized expert in cooking BBQ. As a judge on BBQ Pitmasters, he seems well respected and admired for his ability, particularly with his sauces.

Little CaesarsBut Little Caesars?! That’s where a BBQ expert goes? Little Caesars? Home of the $5 hot-and-ready pizza? I guarantee there aren’t any pit masters in the back of the Little Caesars smoking brisket or stirring up BBQ sauces from scratch.

Rather, the processed BBQ and sauce likely comes in large plastic sacks pulled right out of the cooler. Authentic BBQ it is not.

Big Moe and Little Caesars are not brands in sync

Big Moe seems authentic to me. He seems like a guy I would want to have some brisket and a beer or two with. That’s why this is such a strange pairing. Big Moe and Little Caesars are not brands in sync.

When I see Big Moe proclaim, “Certified Smokified” in the commercial, I question his expertise. (Not to mention that “smokified” is an overly clever, advertising word that isn’t remotely believable.) Does he honestly believe the BBQ on the Little Caesar’s Smokehouse Pizza is some of the best he’s tasted?

If it is really that good, I assume then that Little Caesars will be at the Barbecue World Championships this May in Memphis.

This is a good idea from the perspective of Little Caesar’s. But Big Moe should understand that his brand is more important than the gain of tarnishing it with a mass produced pizza. The pizza will come and go. But, Big Moe, your personal brand is with you always. Be careful with it.

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