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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 March 2018

Bicycle cards owns the category – and me

We all sport idiosyncrasies, and we should embrace them. I’m no different. I obsess over collecting obscure items, such as pocket watches. Yea, I have a lot of those. Cigars, too. Man oh man, do I have even more of those. Something else. I collect Bicycle cards.

Bicycle cardsTake a moment and consider all the playing card brands out there. You won’t find any with a more prominent brand than Bicycle. Granted, there are more artisanal options for purchase. Check out Theory 11’s options. There are also some really spectacular projects that have been funded through Kickstarter campaigns. Even so, the notoriety of Bicycle cards ousts the members of its class and defines it as the clear market leader.

With Bicycle cards, consumers are seeking the familiar

I once wrote that “if someone is unfamiliar with a product or service, they are less likely to adopt it as a new behavior.” Bicycle’s brand success resides in the validity of statement. The Bicycle brand hearkens back to a level of nostalgia and trust. Personally, when I purchase a pack of Bicycle, I am reflecting that part of me who remembers playing them during my childhood – and even through my (cough) gambling days in early adulthood. Bicycle playing cards represent the standard for card playing.

“Speaking of buying, I just stumbled upon a way to custom print your own set of Bicycle playing cards.”

Building on the notion of familiarity, Bicycle cards fill the shelves anywhere. You’ll find them in your grocery or drug store. Bookstores brim their racks with them. (See Barnes and Nobles if you think I’m kidding.) Costco sells mega-packs (I’ve known several magicians stock up on these) and Target houses options too. These are just a few of the many locations where they are available.

Speaking of buying, I just stumbled upon a way to custom print your own set of Bicycle playing cards.

I’m done for.

PS. Don’t tell my wife.

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