Best Buy’s shopping experience is the worst

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

10 May 2016

Try to figure out the logic, I dare ya

Just yesterday I was reminded — once again — that Best Buy is one of the most flawed stores in the retail market. Not to mention, one of my least favorite.

Which is a terrible shame because I am about the biggest tech geek around and, if the shopping experience wasn’t so annoying, I would frequent it much more. As it is, Best Buy just doesn’t understand what its customers want — to explore and not to be constantly “sold to.”

Best Buy

Best Buy is one annoying store.

It would be nice if, for once, I could visit the only electronic store in my hometown and not be haggled to join the Rewards Program or to get insurance on an item that cost $20. Really, is that too much to ask?

In fact, you can’t even check out from the registers without being ensnared in some type of Best Buy hoopla.

Best Buy tricks you

On my way home from work yesterday, I stopped by Best Buy for a new phone case. I found one I liked and, what’s more, I managed to avoid three or four floor workers wanting to help me. One of my few wins at the store.

But that all tanked when I went to pay for my case. The gent in front of me took about five minutes to check out. What’s more, he complained to the cashier about needing to fill out his e-mail address and that he just wanted to get his “batteries”and go.

Next was my turn to pay. Immediately I understood why the guy in front of me was annoyed. There was screen after screen displayed on the credit card reader. Options were pre-selected for me, which I rushed through because there was a line of people behind me. I left with my case, which should have made me happy, but I was dissatisfied with my shopping experience and felt duped by the system.

I am not alone in thinking that Best Buy has very annoying practices. So annoying that it has turned me off as a customer.

The process has overtaken the experience at Best Buy. Until that gets fixed, it’s lost this gear hound for good.

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