The Greatest Branding Companies

Best brand companies. Go ahead and pick one. 

Who are the best brand companies?

It’s easy to make a complete list of the best brand companies. There are many branding companies and brand consultants that think they belong on that brand companies

But, the list of best brand companies should read —The Best Brand Company. Singular.

Creating an identity and creating brand equities is different from persuasion. The best brand companies all recognize that persuasion is the only reason to rebrand ANYTHING.

Rebranding must have a greater marketing purpose.

Why brands need to rebrand?

If you are a smart CEO or a real marketer. You get brand companies

Rebranding can be expensive. Change is expensive. And, change is difficult.

Why should you rebrand? The only REAL reason is to increase your brand’s preference and make your brand more important. That’s the whole of it.

Our only purpose is to position your brand to grow market share.

But, we know that your brand must have permission to be more important.

Rebranding is how you fix and empower that permission.

”Without that baseline of truth, even the most clever of advertising is seen as bullshit.”

A new advertising campaign can’t do it alone

Your prospects are a skeptical lot. They have become suspicious of your motives. Sometimes a new ad campaign looks deceitful to them. It looks like a brand companies

Brand, as we create it, is about changing permissions. Rebranding needs to have believable claims.

Without that baseline of truth, even the most clever of advertising is seen as bullshit.

The best brand companies

So, go ahead and Google rebranding companies. Check out the list of best brand companies. What do those brand consultants tell you they do? How do they define REBRANDING?

They are all the same. Claiming to be successful in rebranding everything from Sears to RadioShack. They talk about equity markers. Color palettes and logo development. But, none of them talk about persuasion.

None of them. Go ahead and check right now. As a matter of fact, I’ll make it easy for you. Here is a link to a whole list of branding agencies. I’ll wait here till you finish.

”That’s why your preference and margins will improve. It’s called STEALING SHARE. So are we.”

The best brand companies work

best brand companiesYou can be misled because being best is confused with biggest. We want you to make the comparison between our work and the work of other brand companies. Here is a link to some work that our competitors brag about.  We would be embarrassed to let anyone know we did that kind of work.

These guys created new logos and identities. And, at great cost. Not just for the rebranding work but to roll it out. Tell me, what kind of ROI did Pizza Hut get when the brand company gave them new signage? Exactly.

We are not for everybody. Some feel safe by choosing a well-known rebranding company like Interbrand or Landor. We think you should include them in your consideration. There is safety in the status quo. But we should be included too.

The best brand companies are not to everyone’s tastes

You must be hungry to include us in your rebranding company search.

best brand companiesWe only promise that when we are finished with our work, you will have more than just a pretty logo and set of marketing standards. You will have a brand with permission to steal share.

Your advertising and marketing will be better and more effective because it will be built on a believable foundation. Your brand will be important and valuable.

That’s why your preference and margins will improve. It’s called STEALING SHARE.

So are we.





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