Belsomra commercial hits a new high

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 April 2016

Belsomra commercial hits a new high

The new Belsomra commercial is amazingly emotional.

Well done. The new Belsomra commercial is a sure fire winner. Belsomra has been able to elevate the new drug to an emotional chord that neither Lunesta or Ambien achieved.

The new commercial positions insomnia as a friendly but inappropriately intrusive pet who brings distance between the furry little kitty cat avatar simply known as sleep.

Belsomra positions itself emotionaly

More than just product attributes.

It is both convincing and fun to watch. One of those rare examples of CGI not getting in the way of the message and the message here is completely emotional.

How big of a problem is insomnia? BIG — if you are to believe the CDC which says sleep disorders are a big problem in the US.

“The soft and gentle kitten is so compelling I can hear the purr in my mind’s eye.

Emotional? You bet. And emotion IS the driver of brand preference.”

Sleep is a fuzzy kitty cat

What about those insomniacs that hate cats?

It is such a common complaint that brands like Vicks Nyquil have launched a new brand called ZZZQuil that has none of the cold and flu medications of the parent brand and instead focuses on the “so you can get the rest you need” promise of the popular cold treatment.

The importance of the sleep aid marketspace has not been lot on P&G. In the battle for shelf space, P&G has brought out the big guns.

Lunesta may have its ethereal butterfly and Ambien continues to battle for category (sleeplessness) benefits —the generic form, Zolpidem Tartrate, has become the defacto prescription go-to by the sleep deprived masses.

Belsomra commercial is on target

The sleepless problem is so common that melatonin might well be challenging multi-vitamins as the category sales leader in OTC supplements.

But all of the commercials and advertising talk about the problem is clinical terms or make feeble attempts at creating an emotional connection like Lunesta. Its soft tones and dreamlike imagery fails to grab the emotional chord that Belsomra now clearly owns.

Despite consumer reports recommendations to avoid Belsomra-like pharmaceuticals, expect this drug to take the country by storm. Once it is reimbursed by healthcare plans without added hurdles, I expect this to be the new star.

We all covet the warm and soft CGI “SLEEP” kitty and it harkens back to the teddy bear of our childhood.

The soft and gentle kitten is so compelling I can hear the purr in my mind’s eye. Emotional? You bet. And emotion IS the driver of brand preference.


Even the mandatory fine print disclaimers are done so tactfully that they blend into the story line. Visually, you watch the sweet sleep avatar and see the insomnia avatar with understanding and sweetness.

Putting insomnia into the doggie bed branded Belsomnia is the final stroke of genius.  This is GREAT stuff.

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