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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

5 September 2017

Beats headphones moving past competitors

I’m not one to shirk off a brand that pulls on my heart strings. Truth be told, if you’re an avid reader of my blog, you are well aware of the brands that tickle my fancy and those that make my stomach turn. Apple (obviously), Amazon and Walmart are enviable. While Best Buy and Chipotle (these days at least) keep me at a constant state of unease. And Beats headphones is a rising brand I’m growing to respect.

The brand maintains its presence even under the umbrella of Apple. Something I wasn’t always so sure it could accomplish.

“When you come to Beats’ product line it feels as though you have arrived.”


Beats headphonesIt’s taking me several years to finally come around to purchasing a set of Beats headphones. My cynicism was intense. But I came around by way of necessity. My previous pair of wireless bluetooth headphones bit the dust, therefore needing a new set. That, and I trust Apple. Ultimately, I bought the mid-level, over-ear wireless headphones and I am in love.

Save for Bose, no other audio product sports such a profound branding.

Beats headphones becoming the elegant choice

Consider the headphone aisle in major retailers like Target and Walmart. Several brands comprise half of one side of the aisle: The aforementioned Bose, and Sony, per chance. And then the other half is entirely Beats. The difference in presentation is uncanny. When you come to Beats’ product line it feels as though you have arrived. Multiple options meeting specific user needs are available to sample, and newer models have outrageously good spec.

I always appreciate how Apple handles its product packaging. It’s meticulously designed, sturdy and elegant. It makes you feel as though you are on the cusp of receiving a very important product. Same too with Beats headphones. The entire process is an event.

I am not daft and realize many other models of headphones can outperform Beats. None of these have a brand identity that rival it. And for that reason, I am a part of the Beats fan club.

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