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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

21 April 2014

Rebranding is not about a pretty picture

While the branding responsibility often time resides in the marketing departments, all too often we forget about the brand’s marketing potentials. Brand gets pigeonholed into a dusty standards manual with design rules, color palette, and CMYK logotype. This is not wasteful. This is destructive.

Your brand is the heart of your persuasive messages and its creative message and design should be your most powerful marketing message. Without the power of a brand position, your marketing message is… well, just marketing.

“Your brand message needs to convey to your target audience the single most emotionally intensive message it can to your target.”


RebrandingWhen you decide your marketing message needs to be freshened and possibly changed, look to rebrand at the same time. The reason you should do this is because most brands are created as a result of what the company believed was the most important thing it could say about itself or its product. This was the wrong strategy then and it is still wrong today.

Your brand message needs to convey to your target audience the single most emotionally intensive message it can to your target. It must mirror back the aspirational goals of the target and position itself at the pinnacle of a switching trigger. This complex idea needs be conveyed simply.

Your brand (logo, theme and promise) should be graphically designed to align itself with the target audience’s precepts. When they feel your brand emotionally, they should be faced with a proposition. It needs them to see that not considering your brand is in opposition to the values they believe to be important about themselves.

In this way, they are faced with a simple choice. Am I who I believe to be or am I just pretending? The value of your brand must be measured against this goal. Think about how powerful your brand marketing message would be if your advertising had this kind of BRAND power?

Don’t settle for your agency’s best. Give it more to work with. Give it a rebranding message that demands that your target audience consider switching brand loyalties, inconveniencing themselves to own it and a willingness to pay more for it.

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