Streaming ads are getting out of hand

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

28 October 2013

At least rotate in some new ones

Having exhausted a great deal of the new releases on Netflix, I jumped onto Crackle to see if it had anything worth watching. I cued up an episode of Seinfeld and was greeted by three streaming ads. A few minutes of show and another commercial break, with the same commercials, in the same order. A few more minutes of show followed by another break, with the same commercials.

“The streaming ads must become less repetitive and less jarring in its interruptions.”


streaming adsI completely understand that Crackle exists because it sells commercial time, but the same streaming ads are repeated so often they stop being memorable. They just become annoying and ignored.

What is next for streaming ads?

As new venues of advertisement become popular, be it social media or streaming video, it will do advertisers and content providers well to consider how to adapt and improve the experience. It is not enough to say, in advance, that there are advertisements as, for example, Hulu does. The streaming ads must become less repetitive and less jarring in its interruptions.

Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s because, like a lot of advertising, the streaming ads themselves are just plain bad.

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