Are Apples (iPhone) and Oranges (Android) interchangeable?

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 December 2010

No, not in the most important way

There seems to be an Apples (iPhone) vs Oranges (Android) tug of war in the media these days as they consider the battle for dominance by the two top smart phones.

There is even an article written called “iPhone, Android neck-and-neck as ‘most desired’ smartphone in U.S.”

“What if the Mercedes Benz cost the same as the Camry? What would be the most popular then?”


AndroidIt makes sense to compare the two because both are smart phones and both represent the public’s concept of the category of smart phones. But they are not the same. Not by a long shot. One, the iPhone 4 is preferred by far over the other. How can I say this? Simple. Because the iPhone is the only one that carries a meaningful brand.

Comparing the iPhone 4 and the Android as if they were interchangeable is like comparing a Mercedes Benz to a Camry as though the Camry’s popularity is based on preference. What if the Mercedes Benz cost the same as the Camry? What would be the most popular then?

Think about this. One of the devices is from Apple. It costs a third more than the Android and currently only runs on one (albeit inferior) network. In other words, to buy an iPhone, you must sacrifice your current carrier unless it is AT&T, hand over $100 more and inconvenience yourself to go to just a few locations to buy it. Whereas if you want an Android, you pay $100 less, it runs on any network (including AT&T) and you can buy them anywhere.

What’s the difference between the two? A single word —Apple and a single value — brand.

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