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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 August 2017

Arbys brand and “We have the meats” reigns supreme

Fast food sales are slowing down. Even McDonalds struggles to recapture some of its past glory. Yet, there stands one simple winner. The Arbys brand and its “We have the meats” position.

Arbys is enjoying its best year ever, with 20 percent growth and nearly $4 billion in sales.

What gives? Arbys’ competition complains that market forces have diluted sales. Eating habits are changing. Some even blamed weather and last fall’s Presidential election. Talk about being delusional.

“I’ll tell you why the Arbys brand is kicking ass. Because it has a different and better position.”

The Arbys brand and “We have the meats” is a real position.

Arbys brandI’ll tell you why the Arbys brand is kicking ass. Because it has a different and better position. Think of it this way. What does McDonalds stand for? It once stood for fun, and its “lovin’ it” positioning keeps it in its tenuous first place position. But the idea of fun isn’t explored enough.

Better yet, what does Burger King stand for? (Constant menu changes, I guess.) What does Wendys stand for? I could go on, but you get the point.

The “we have the meats” plays in a whole new wheelhouse. The he-man voice of Ving Rhames saying it implies an aggressive gusto that no one else has. Hell, even “meats” is a powerfully forceful word. Also, Arbys is different in tone, meaning and customer identity. It understands who it is for and who it isn’t.

Note to other fast food chains. If you try to be everything to everybody, you are for no one. But promote cost and you teach audiences to purchase simply on price. And advertise the newest thing on your menu and you train audiences to only look for new menu items – at other places.

Arbys is the only major fast food chain with a meaningful brand. Twenty-percent growth? Don’t be surprised if “we have the meats” ignites even greater growth. Because its competition has nothing.

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