These apps are a book reader’s delight

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

30 September 2014

Apps like Oyster and Scribd are the future of digital reading

A funny thing happened today — I signed up for a monthly membership with Oyster. If you’ve never heard of Oyster, it’s just like Netflix but for books. For $9.99 a month, you have unlimited access to over 500,000 book titles (descent ones too, unlike the Kindle Unlimited program). What’s more, you can access, download and read all the books you want on any device, just as long as you’ve downloaded the app. Scribd works the same way, but what hooked me with Oyster was the half price discount to join. I gotta admit, it’s pretty sweet.

Reading apps work great on the iPhone 6.

Reading apps work great on the iPhone 6.

To be completely fair, what swayed me to join wasn’t just the convenience of the app (sure, it was mostly that). It was the experience I could have with the app on my new iPhone 6. You see, as our mobile devices become more and more “phablet” like (yea, I hate that term just as much as you), the likelihood increases for consumers to give reading apps a shot. I couldn’t stand reading books on a small screen. A paragraph per page seems a little ludicrous to me. Yet, on a 5.5-inch screen, the similarity to a paperback isn’t all that far off. While not everyone is as much a book worm as I am, I do think book lovers who also dig the newest mobile technology will help with the rise of such apps, and build a fervent niche following. But enough of my ramblings. I’m off to get back to my book.

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