A few weeks ago my oldest son pulled the trigger and bought an Apple Watch. I’ve been curious about it, but have had some reservations about picking one up: is it really something I need?

Probably not.

From what I have seen, the Apple Watch is at best luxury item that simplifies facets of your day-to-day. However, the Apple Watch is not an item of necessity.

Do you really need it?

Do you really need it?

With the watch, Apple stepped away from its heritage of creating products that enhanced life of its users. (That made us think different.) Its gorgeously designed computers and phones offer intuitive applications that even a Luddite could figure out. That is a thing of beauty.

The Apple Watch is just a sexy piece of jewelry that assists you from looking at the even nicer looking iPhone in your pocket. It’s just too small to function with any ease. The applications are so minuscule that I was constantly concerned about tapping the app next to the one I was attempting to open. What’s more, my son, admittedly, has confessed to me that he feels like a “bloody fool” speaking into his wrist to take a phone call. Wouldn’t you?

Is the Apple Watch a worthy investment of time and money for Apple?

Slice Intelligence has reported that Apple Watch sales has tanked by 90% since its introduction. The watch has sold more that three million units, but of late, those totals have dwindled. The Apple haters are feasting on this too. It’s like seeing the New England Patriots or the Duke Blue Devils lose. Everyone but the fans love the drop in sales.

As a fan of Apple, I expect the watch to be around for a long while and that revisions will be made to the device for many years to come. In the future, the Apple Watch must have connectivity outside of Bluetooth to an iPhone (wi-fi or cellular) and its applications must be simple to a fault and function as a series of notifications and reminders. History Here has already has already done so. With this well-executed app, you can receive notifications when you are near a location of historical significance and get a blurb about an event too.

When I returned the watch to my son I did so without a twinge of jealousy. That’s a new place for me to be as an Apple enthusiast. For that reason, I know the Apple Watch has a lot of ground to cover.

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