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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

28 April 2015

Apple Watch marketing to women 

The biggest news in the tech world right now, aside from possibly the Tesla home batteries, is the release of the Apple Watch. Being an Apple guy through and through, any news about the company is intriguing to me.

But you probably knew that already.

I’ve written countless blogs about the Apple brand, as well as several blogs about the Apple Watch. Most recently, I discussed the watchbands that Apple is selling and how the company is, wisely, thinking fashion forward. Yet, I want to take that fashion forward marketing a step further and expose some of the real genius behind the Apple brand.

The Apple Watch marketing targets women too.

The Apple Watch marketing is also targeting women.

The Apple Watch marketing is also targeting women.

Most days when I commute to work, I listen to bits of the TWIT podcast. This week’s TWIT, which stands for This Week in Tech, primarily focused on the host of the show, Leo Laporte, receiving his new Apple Watch and how his guests were still waiting on theirs. Most of the banter, as I expected, centered around Leo not being a huge Apple guy so he was still skeptical about the necessity of the Apple Watch.

Then one brilliant point was made by the female guest, Christina Warren: The Apple Watch is the only smart watch that has been created with women in mind too.

Think about it, what other smart watch company has even considered women when designing watches?

I’ll give you the short answer: none.

Apple puts the “smart” in its smart watches.

Of all the other smart watch companies in existence, aside from maybe Pebble, Apple consciously included designs that would appeal to both sexes and much of the Apple Watch marketing has been targeted to women. Warren said she had already ordered a female-friendly watch with an additional leather strap. Moreover, she commented several times about how excited she was to get her watch.

While all smart watches are still seeking their niche, one thing has become vividly apparent to me. Apple will be the company that finds that niche. Reason being: It has kept all doors open, while its competitors have shut half of theirs already by opting to design bulky, male-centric technology.

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