Top 10 reasons why the Apple brand is the world’s greatest

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

9 May 2011

No one understands brand better than Apple

As no surprise to us, there’s another source that claims the Apple brand as become the world’s most valuable one.

Reports value Apple’s brand as climbing 84 percent from the past year to more than $153 billion, overtaking Google and leaving IBM, McDonald’s and Microsoft to round out the top five.

“Like most of the rebranding garbage out there, Belk ended up with a new logo and color palette and not much more (smells like politics to me).”

Anyone who has read this blog before – or even perused through our site – knows we have been championing the Apple brand as the world’s most effective one for years because it practices the art of persuasion better than anyone else.

Apple brand

In brief, here are just 10 reasons why:

• It knows who it is for (those who want to be ahead and, although not stated, show everybody else what has arrived).
• It finds a way to communicate that (“Think Different”).
• It is always a self-reflection of that customer (I’m a PC vs. I’m an Apple)
• It positions itself against the market (simple vs. the over-complexity of the PC world).
• It permeates the brand through every part of its company operations stringently and thoroughly, right down to packaging and R&D, with no exceptions.
• It considers everything through the perspective of the potential customer, never from the inside-out.
• It is aspirational.
• It does not claim to be for everybody.
• It never markets product benefits or the particulars of its technology.
• It is remarkably consistent in messaging and tone.

I could go on. But it’s shocking that most brands, including huge companies fighting for market share, do not follow those basic steps. Too often, internal politics, inside-out perspectives and fear to be different keep brands from being truly preferred.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A quick side note to demonstrate: I asked a new client recently why was the Apple brand so preferred. The answer, “Because they’re Apple.” I said, “Exactly. But you can create that kind of preference and here’s how to go about it.” The response: “But that’s Apple. We can’t do that.”

Why not?

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