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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 September 2019

Apple Arcade is a no-brainer, but misses one piece(s)

I am not a gamer at all. I am in my early 60’s and my last go round with a joystick was in the late 70’s. You know, when dictating the up-down, left-right movement of a little yellow face in a wonky grid. But I’m intrigued enough with Apple Arcade to wonder if it’s a game changer.

Apple arcadeConsider this. For a measly five dollars a month, you access the Apple Arcade interface where at least 100 different games are already offered. You don’t have to pay per game. You don’t need to purchase a system. Just use your iPhone or iPad and a play what you want. (You can even play on your TV, through Apple TV.)

It’s essentially a Netflix for gamers, which stuns me that no one has developed it before. Oh sure, you can rent from places like GameFly. But subscriptions (and brands) fuel the streaming TV arena as well as music with Spotify and the like. Why did it take so long with games?

Apple Arcade also owns brand permission because most of us play games through the App Store, but purchasing on a game-by-game basis. Apple’s theme of “Play extraordinary” fits snugly with the Apple brand of “Think Different.”

My only misgiving, and I may be premature here, is why Apple’s not bundling Apple Arcade with Apple Music and Apple+.”

Why not bundle Apple Arcade?

My only misgiving, and I may be premature here, is why Apple’s not bundling Apple Arcade with Apple Music and Apple+. It may eventually because it would do two things: 1) Allow Apple to dominate the entertainment market more than its competitors (because we also buy its devices). And 2) Apple Music and Apple Arcade give Apple+ some brand permission it currently lacks. (Not sure anyone really wants to pony up a subscription for a library of just eight shows.)

Apple Arcade owns something no one else has — The Apple brand. I think back. This same recognition came to me when the Blueberry iMac hit the scene. It came lobbing back when the iPod took shape. It hit me in the face when the iPhone took flight.

Apple Arcade is just as shattering, folks. Take a moment to embrace that profundity.

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