Is Apple losing its way?

That’s a heavy question coming from me. As you might know, I am the biggest of fan boys for the brand (perhaps, obnoxiously so). But the upcoming release of a smaller iPhone, the 5se, has me scratching my head.


The 4-inch Apple 5se feels wrong for the brand.

The 5se, which will be released shortly after the upcoming March Apple event, is kind of a revamped version of the 5s. However, when you tear it down, inside you’ll find all the same schematics you would find in the 6 and 6s. Plus, it will feature case colors similar to the 6 and 6s lines (rose, silver, gold and space gray).

I get it. Apple is looking for a device that will fulfill a market niche. The 5se is the affordable phone for kids or those who can’t shell out the money for a 6 or 6s. That is called buying market share.

But my problem is that it is not spectacular, which is what we demand of the Apple brand.

Apple is trying to make everyone happy with the 5se.

The market is filled with companies that play it safe, pander to the masses and compete on price. We don’t need another company doing that – and certainly not Apple.

Think about the company for a second. What comes to mind? Innovation, sleek and minimal design, and dependability perhaps. These descriptors of Apple are rooted within me, and I would suffice to say, you too.

That’s why anomalies like the 5se or the heinous looking battery pack case for the iPhone make me question my beliefs about the company. Apple has become too concerned about appeasing everyone.

It’s like Brahmin coming out with a plastic bag.

I’ve written a ton on Apple. Most of the time, my focus has been on its innovation. That excites me.

That said, when the company does something like hold a major event to tout the 5se, I am immediately annoyed. This isn’t exciting news for anyone, is it? A baseline iPhone isn’t pushing the envelope. Moreover, it doesn’t make me wonder, “What will Apple think up next?”

Instead, I am left wondering, “When is Apple finally going to get a new idea?”

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