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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

2 April 2009

Another bad airline experience

What’s wrong with the airline industry? Well, beside, you know, everything. Here’s another: US Airways and the rest think they are airline companies and not service providers.

US Airways Logo

Just last night after a day of travel, I was diverted by US Airways from my destination because of fog in Greensboro.  The airline flew us to nearby Charlotte instead, located about 90 miles from the final destination.

Of course, when “deplane-ing,” I was greeted by a helpful airline representative who told me I was on my own and they would rebook me on the first available flight back to Greensboro the next day.


I rented a car and drove the 90 minutes to finally get to where I was going.  Would you think US Airways could have provided a bus to shuttle myself and the rest of the crammed and tired passengers from Charlotte to Greensboro? No. It’s not their responsibility, they said. It was an “act of God.”

Hey, listen. So is bankruptcy.

Good luck to the “New American Airlines.” Maybe they will finally figure out that the customer, their flying public, actually means something? Nah.

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