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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

24 September 2018

Amazon’s Echo Auto will be another smash

If you think about it, the greatest technological impact on our lives in the last three years is Amazon’s Echo. Yes, it’s only been three years since Alexa figured into our lives, and its rapid growth remains astounding. So what do we think of Echo Auto?

I think it’ll have a similar impact on our lives as the basic Echo or Echo Dot. For those who don’t know, Echo Auto is basically Alexa in your car.

Echo AutoThe device simply plugs into your car’s system, allowing you voice control for everything from traffic reports to playing music. Yes, you can do something similar with your iPhone by saying, “Hey Siri.” But that’s what people thought when the Echo premiered in the summer of 2015. Why do I need it?

Why has the Echo been so successful, so quickly? Are we just a bunch of lazy hooligans straight outta the last third of Wall-E?

The Echo Auto fits beautifully into Amazon’s brand

No, because even the Echo Auto accomplishes two things. One, it fits the Amazon brand of convenience. Two, it fills a hole in our lives we never knew we had.

“The lesson is that, when innovating, think about what your brand means first, then create products that fulfill that brand promise.”

Steve Jobs once quipped that, if Henry Ford had conducted research back in 1908, he’d found that what people wanted was a faster horse. It was up to Ford to understand there was something better for greater access. Viola! The Model T was born.

Even more significantly, Amazon has brand permission to manufacture the Echo. Google Home sells well too, but not as robustly as Amazon’s product. That’s because Amazon’s brand of convenience makes the viability of something like Echo Auto believable. (We’re a little suspicious of Google, whose brand is about information.)

Apple could’ve made its own voice-controlled home device that probably would’ve greatly impacted the market. Yet, it figured all the iHome devices connected to the iPhone would do the trick.

The lesson is that, when innovating, think about what your brand means first, then create products that fulfill that brand promise. Because it’s rarely the product benefits that steal market share. It’s what consumers are willing to accept based on your own brand.

Echo Auto, take all my money.

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