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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

6 December 2016

Amazon Prime TV spot is the wrong message

The Amazon Prime TV spot leaves me cold

Call me obtuse, Amazon Prime TV.

Amazon Prime TV SpotOr call me heartless, if you must.

Frankly, call me whatever name you want. I don’t much care. I’ll take the heat.

But, I have a major problem when the creative team behind a TV spot that attempts to pull on your heart strings (or yank on them, as the subject of this article has), yet whiffs with its underlying message.

Here’s the gist of what I mean.

A few weeks back, I saw what first felt like a really “cute” advertisement for Amazon Prime called “First Day of School.

“Take a moment to consider the doofus of a dad. I get it, day one, you’re going to peer through the pre-school window to check up on your kid”


Just like you, I bet, I was first enamored by the ridiculous level of cuteness of the little boy in the spot. Thought, “Damn, my kids were that cute, right?” I crumbled like a leaf when the kid had his Superman costume on. Honestly, the adorable level was through the roof. I got it, Amazon Prime. Memorable cute kid. Not sure about the theme of the spot. But I was willing to leave well enough alone.

A day later, I saw the spot again. I wasn’t as warm and fuzzy this time.

Watch the Amazon Prime TV ad

Assuming you have taken the time to view the commercial, let’s take a moment to consider the doofus of a dad. I get it, day one, you’re going to peer through the pre-school window to check up on your kid. My wife and I did. I know the feeling.

Amazon Prime TV Spot
And sure, it makes you sad that the class doesn’t flock to him. (Why doesn’t the teacher introduce him in the first place? Seems like a lousy move to me.) Super sad dad saves the day and buys a Superman costume for his kiddo to make him popular.

All the kids love the new kid because he has a cool costume.

Buy your friends. That’s the message.

Boy howdy, that’s an awesome idea to bank on (sarcasm intended).

Advertising must be built around the right precepts

If you are unaware of Stealing Share’s “Preceptive Behavior Model” I encourage you to read up on it.

The “Superboy” spot for Amazon Prime TV is rooted in erroneous precepts, like: “I believe my self-worth is derived from what I own,” and “Popular clothing styles will make people like me.” These are disgusting thoughts, no?

Can these spineless anecdotes be the backbone of Amazon’s advertising model?

I wish it weren’t the case. But if this commercial is any kind of evidence, this was indeed Amazon’s intention.

Horrible though, isn’t it?


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