Amazon Prime growth

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

13 March 2019

Amazon Prime growth means the coming of a new utility

Consider the incredible rate of Amazon Prime growth. By the end of 2019, Amazon Prime is predicted to be used by more than 51% of households. If you are keeping track, that is about a 4% growth year over year. That number is expected to continually increase at about 3-4% over the next few years.

Then think about this. The Amazon Prime growth comes as offerings mature and expand beyond free shipping. There’s so much involved in having an Amazon Prime membership. There’s music, TV, books and many other benefits. How far can Amazon Prime impact our daily lives?

Amazon Prime growthI can’t remember when I started my Prime membership. But I know I use it at least two to three times a week. And since I signed up for Amazon Prime, I have added an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, purchased a half-dozen or so Echos and a couple of Fire tablets.

As I think about it, like many others, my relationship with Amazon Prime goes beyond just shopping. I get Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited photo storage among other things.

What the numbers of Amazon Prime growth means

Most of us think of the influence of Amazon in our lives as coming from the multitude of purchasing choices it offers. There’s a reason why retail is in such pain. And that Walmart and Amazon are overtaking the grocery category. The Amazon Prime growth signifies even greater penetration into those segments.

“The rate of Amazon Prime growth means it is becoming more like a utility.”

That doesn’t even include the increased investment Amazon is making in its original programming. It may never become quite the behemoth of Netflix. But with Disney, Warner and others entering the streaming fray, Amazon stands as a potentially stronger competitor.

I honestly can’t think of a single reason to cancel it. To me, Prime has ceased to be a product I buy. But rather a service I need. In some ways it’s like electricity or a cell phone. The rate of Amazon Prime growth means it is becoming more like a utility.

Yep. Pay those electricity, gas, water, cell phone bills along with your Amazon Prime subscription. They’re all the same.

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