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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

17 May 2016

The Amazon Fresh will be a winner for sure

Amazon Fresh. Amazon is not just a threat for retailers. Now, supermarkets will be too.Amazon Fresh

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the online retail giant is offering a new line of private-label brands, including fresh foods.

Amazon Fresh

The Amazon fresh goods initiative will work.

Amazon FreshAs the report elaborated, these fresh goods will first be available to Prime members as another nice perk to add to the $99 a year membership. (Thank goodness I have one.)

What’s more, the Amazon fresh initiative will join forces with brands like Happy Belly, Wickedly Prime, and Mama Bear.

Doing so will allow the company to offer cooking oil, vitamins, coffee, tea, spices and nuts.

“It feels like everything Amazon does these days works. That’s because they understand their brand.”

The Amazon Fresh effort will succeed because of its brand.

Amazon FreshI have only once bought fresh food from Amazon. Because, I had an unyielding craving for coconut covered cashews. I bought a top-of-the-line brand. And, I ended spending a bit more than I wanted.

But, overspending on select brands doesn’t have to be the case.

You can choose an Amazon select brand for a fraction of the cost. And, feel satisfied with the purchase. Because of the trust we have in Amazon. I have the confidence that the product will be of quality. I am not alone in that thinking.

Granted, the offerings are slim (for the moment). But, so was the Amazon Music catalog when it first began. And now it’s one of my favorites to frequent.

It’s a fact. If your desire is to influence preference and increase market share you must have a better understanding of your target audiences. And, the Amazon perishable move is a perfect example of that awareness.

Should have called it Amazon Nice

How many times have you thought how nice it would be to order your food from Amazon and have it shipped? I have. This is Amazon dipping its toe in the water of that reality. Before we know it, this Amazon Produce (UK based) and Amazon Fresh (select US cities) will be available. Available for all of us as. Supermarkets had better watch out.


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