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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

12 February 2019

Amazon FreeTime frees kids and grandparents

As I am living it up as a grandfather, I’m developing a fond new appreciation for kid brands. Take, for instance, Lego. I hadn’t thought about the colorful plastic brink for about two decades. Now, I might find it the most powerfully branded toy ever. Despite how horribly I yelp if my knobby feet plant on a rogue one-by-one brick. Same, too, with Play-Doh. What have I become? A man for the kids, indeed. Alas, this is probably why I am so smitten with the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited app too.

Amazon FreeTimeAmazon FreeTime Unlimited is better than any other digital experience for kids. Hands down. Put that proclamation in the books, folks. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Amazon FreeTime is screen time you can feel good about

There are times when the wife and I agree to sitting the two little buggers for a weekend while my son and daughter-in-law get some adult time. (It is well earned.) There is only so much play time “Mimi” and “Pop-pop” can handle. So, Amazon FreeTime is a godsend. With the app, my grandkids can login and access educational apps as well as curated books and TV shows.

“FreeTime is the safety net they (and we) need. I liken it to PBS experience of old.”

With Amazon FreeTime, I feel completely fearless letting the kids peruse and play because the app has been built for kids. Fabulous Amazon kid’s shows like Tumbleleaf and Stinky and Dirty (and I do mean, fabulous) are readily accessible. As are books ranging from Dr. Seuss classics to the Harry Potter series to The Little Prince (plus about a thousand more). It’s a safe and educational digital world. And that alone is a unique premise.

In a world where a child can innocently be two clicks away from YouTube conspiracy videos, FreeTime is the safety net they (and we) need. I liken it to PBS experience of old. It’s a pleasant haven that exists somewhere between Sesame Street and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. That, my friends, is a divine place to be.  

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