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16 January 2018

ALDI is unique, but is it better?

There was a time in my life when consuming food was my enemy, bringing about a battle with diabetes. Since then, I work hard at keeping my food intake at bay. Nonetheless, what this hasn’t curbed is my love of hitting a grocery store and conjuring up (what I deem, and I believe they do too) a first-rate meal for my family. As of late, ALDI meets my fancy.

ALDIIf you’ve never visited an ALDI, it’s worth my giving it an explanation. It begins with the shopping carts. None of which you’ll find littering the parking lot. Rather, each is tethered to the next and becomes unlocked by placing a quarter in each. You earn back this quarter when you return the cart. It’s a cool concept.

Stores themselves are not all that big. Costs are low (even if the product is organic). In fact, I’m finding my ALDI bill comparing to say, Harris Teeter, standing at about half of the price. And I am just as satisfied. What’s more, they have a pretty sweet aisle of TJ MAXX-like home goods that’s ever changing.

“ALDI’s brand positioning stands at the intersection of low cost and different. It asks more of you than other grocery chains.”

ALDI attempts to be different and better

ALDI’s brand positioning stands at the intersection of low cost and different. It asks more of you than other grocery chains. But that’s to keep costs low. ALDI is different. Is it better? Some could say it’s a Sam’s Club with a smaller footprint.

From its carts to its product displays (in bulk packaging) to its checkout and bagging method. All of which you have come to expect from ALDI because it is not the status quo grocery store.

Don’t take my word for it, consider the following spokesperson for ALDI:

“The truth is that we are able to offer the lowest prices because our business DNA is fundamentally different to our competitors. These differences deliver us savings, that we pass onto our customers, all without compromising on quality. It is not often that we tackle such rational topics in marketing. Fingers crossed, we’ve been able to inform and entertain at the same time.”

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