Flying sucks, change it

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

12 August 2009

Airline. The Blind Leading The Blind

Well the airlines, or should I say — “the blind leading the blind,” have figured out how to be more profitable.  Yes they have. They are going to swap assets with one another. This article just came across my desk and I could not help but comment on it.

AirlineThere are some very basic problems with the Airline industry today, for example —  they don’t realize they are in the customer service business. Instead they act and think like they are in the airline business. As if anyone would want to go through the cattle call that predominates the airline industry unless you absolutely had to.

Flying is not pleasurable, it is simply a means to an end and the airlines had better come to terms with that fact or better yet, change and make it pleasurable.

They are all unprofitable. They bleed money like an open aorta and they think (Delta and US Airways at least) that they can get on the right footing by swapping assets with one another.

That makes about as much sense as skipping meals to save money for food.

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