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Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

4 September 2014

Airline Problems Continue. Don’t Recline your Airline Seats.

Too many airline problems to count

Airline ProblemsOK, I think I have had enough. I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal with the headline “Airline Seat Battles: Be Kind, Don’t Recline?” It was about the minuscule space afforded airline passengers in economy cabin seats and how we should not recline our airline seats.

Just when I thought airline problems were as bad as they can get. This happens.

airline problemsI fly constantly and because of that, I sometimes get upgraded. Upgraded to First Class where a snack box comes with every rock-hard seat.

And, free alcoholic drinks are offered to the business teetotalers because of impending meetings. But that is not an insulation from airline problems.

Still, I spend more time than the average flyer in economy and economy plus.

It really makes me mad that the responsibility for the comfort of the person behind me now resides with me.

“A reclining seat on an airplane just means your dandruffy and lice ridden pate is stuck right into the face of the poor soul stuck behind you.”

 Enough Already

Don’t get me wrong, it almost makes me sick when the person in front of me reclines their seat. And, not only is there not enough room to work on my computer. But, I get a bird’s eye view of my fellow passenger’s scalp diseases. Making the scalp in front of me one of the airline problems I have gotten used to.

Why is this my responsibility? Why don’t air passengers hold the airlines responsible for the basics of comfort?

airline problemsIt has gotten to the point where I travel with a memory foam cushion for my butt and a back support cushion for the small of my back. This is simply to ensure that I can get off the plane without limping up the jet way.

The airlines, last I looked, are making money again. The flights I seem to fly, while rarely on time, a full to capacity with a dozen or so stand-by passengers waiting in line for the claustrophobic privilege of smelling one another’s scalps.

I guess we get what we deserve. And I guess we deserve nothing.

In the meantime, let’s “Keep Climbing” with DELTA or “Flying the Friendly (albeit cramped and uncomfortable) Skies” with United.

Maybe the “New American” Airlines will treat passengers better?

Oh wait a minute, now I remember. The merger of US Airways and American Airlines was for the airline’s benefit and not the flying public’s.

My bad.

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