AI Marketing

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 May 2017

AI Marketing. Artificial Intelligence everywhere.

AI Marketing

AI MarketingAI Marketing (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) might feel like a stretch. Brands are hesitant to believe AI can replace human thinking. Too many variables. We believe machines just can’t replace human decision making powers.

When pressed, even the sales reps who acknowledge the possibility of machines replacing humans (in selling) believe this is years away. Maybe even decades.

AI marketing is closer than you think

The issue is not the possibility of artificial intelligence replacing sales reps. The programming is possible now. The issue is a reluctance of brands to entrust the selling to a computer. The stakes seem too high.

It comes down to a measure of trust. Do you trust AI enough to put sales and marketing in the hands of a silicon chip?

We are about to cross the Rubicon

Time jumps at light speed in innovation. Once the hardest barrier drops, the dominoes rapidly fall. P&G knows all about this.

They take a grass stained sock. Roll it up in a sweatshirt and wash the soil in Tide. Voila. The stain disappears. We believe what works on the most difficult problem solves lesser problems.

Same is true of artificial intelligence.

“All that stands between AI replacing the sales rep is the self-driving car. Once the car arrives everything changes. And quickly .”

What is AI’s highest emotional intensity?

AI MarketingEasy. Self-driving cars. And self-driving cars are COMING.

What barriers remain once we trust a car to drive us? Picture it. You sit in the back seat of a self-driving car. No steering wheel. No brake pedal and no accelerator.

The car makes all the decisions and you and I become passengers. Once this happens, it’s game over. Doubt vanishes because we trust AI to control our gravest issues. We suspend fear and simply go.

AI MarketingAirlines already use AI

It’s called auto-pilot and no one gives it a second thought. 730,000 pounds of metal and flesh hurtling through thin air at over 500 miles per hour. Some of us nap through it.

AI marketing can’t be far behind. Adoption of technology accelerates. What seems crazy today is normal tomorrow. All that retards the growth is fear. A self-driving car demands we manage fear.

The new take on sales

So, what does sales and marketing accomplish that AI marketing can’t accomplish better? And faster?

Programmers can anticipate decision trees and manage variables. Great sales reps use the Socratic method to close a sale. Asking questions illuminates barriers to the sale. The same Socratic method reveals the needs. (Read about branding to win here)

I propose that AI marketing will lessen mistakes and provide more customized service. Even emotional cues can be programmed. And emotions ARE the heart of brand promises.

Watch. AI can eliminate the sales rep’s bias and HEAR more clearly.

So, what’s holding this back?

Self-driving cars. The ultimate test of AI trust. Times are changing and, just as assembly workers (Blue Collar workers) lost to robotics, White Collar is next.

P&G knows how we think. So will AI marketing.



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