Ads featuring Dominos store remodels are worthless

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

22 February 2017

They are all about Dominos and not the customer

Dominos Pizza is at it again. This time, it is airing ads highlighting a new Dominos store remodel.

The ads intend to get people to care about the Dominos store remodeling to a new pizza theater concept. Like the DXP ads, this spot just seems to fall flat.

“Does Dominos expect parents to load up the family truck and bring the family down to their local Dominos store remodel to marvel at the entertainment and mystery of the pizza theater?”

But for anyone who follows this sort of thing, this is old news. It announced Dominos store remodels in 2014. I guess the remodeling progress is just now enough at a critical mass for people to notice them.

At first, I thought this was in response to the Papa John’s pizza family ads. The Dominos ads feel rushed with no point of view, perspective or even a message. It’s as though its agency said Dominos needs an ad to counter balance the Papa John’s spots.

However, one thing is crystal clear. The ad is a clear demonstration that Dominos really has nothing to say.

What the Dominos store remodeling ads fail to do

Advertising is all about brand preference, after all. If a consumer does not prefer a brand, they will not notice your ads.

Maybe Dominos is trying to connect with people who have not had the pleasure of having a Dominos pizza. Maybe it’s hoping to build preference through the pizza theater.

Does Dominos expect parents to load up the family truck and bring the family down to their local Dominos store remodel to marvel at the entertainment and mystery of the pizza theater?

I hope I get a front row seat!

Store remodels are a necessary part of having a business. Things get old. But I fail to see how this helps build preference at all. Tell me, how does this resonate with a customer’s closely held beliefs? Moreover, how does this even satisfy a customer’s needs or wants? I have had some of the best pizza in the world out of some pretty awful looking stores.

Ask yourself: What does the Dominos brand mean? What does it promise? I think you’ll find that it promises little more than pizza delivery. Same goes for Pizza Hut. While Papa John’s uses Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, it has not resonated all that well. Hence the new pizza family crap it is airing.

So, Dominos will talk about its store remodels as if anyone will care. See, I told you Dominos has nothing to say.

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  1. Don

    “The ad is a clear demonstration that Dominos really has nothing to say.”

    Domino’s doesn’t have much to eat, either.

    • Jojo

      The guy “tossing” pizza dough really showed his ineptitude when the dough almost collapsed in half as he tried to look like he actually knew what he was doing!

  2. Bill

    I disagree. The “we used to suck and now we don’t” approach was a huge hit for Domino’s when they changed their recipes, so I’m inclined to think it can work again. People barely watch ads at all nowadays with so many ways to skip them, so anything that can get you to look up for even a moment is already doing its job.

    • Rob

      I did not like their old recipe. I do not like their new recipe. Advertising a beautiful newly redesigned store doesn’t make their actual product, pizza, taste any better. Did the franchise owners have to pony up to money to remodel their stores? I hope not… it’s sad what all the owners in the commercial had to give up to purchase their stores.

  3. j lang

    Notice in the commercial …not wearing gloves when making pizza

  4. Ed

    I disagree. The ad did its job with me and I usually zoom through the ads with FF button. I like Dominos for a quick pickup pizza and am looking forward to the remodel if it happens near me. I also like the idea of a $7.99 large 3 topping pizza walkin special.


    I don’t care about there remodel stores! When there pizza still taste nasty. They should better ingredients and teach the stores, how to cook the pizza. I can honestly say, only twice in my life I ate domino’s pizza, and it was either under cooked or just tasted nasty, like grease and card board.

    One again, Who care about there remodel stores! when there pizza taste nasty!

  6. Just Wondering

    Who is paying for the remodel? Is it Domino’s or the Franchise Owners? If Franchise Owners are made to pay for it, do they get a kick back from Domino’s?

  7. Alex

    I’m sorry I have to break it to ya, Dominos, your pizza has always kinda sucked. And your whole rebranding effort is just pathetic. The car, the remodeling. You’re just trying to steer our eyes away from the real problem, your pizza is crap.
    Stop smashing up your stores to impress us, and serve up some edible pizza
    P.S. Pizza Hut rulez


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