Adding to the McDonalds menu won’t save McDonalds

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

25 January 2017

Adding more Big Macs to the McDonalds menu shows desperation

McDonalds, why do you make it so easy? The way back to relevancy is revamping (again) the McDonalds menu?

McDonalds announced that its domestic sales declined by a bit (over 1%) for the last quarter and a drop in same-store guest counts at a little over 2%. The drop in sales marks the first drop in five quarters. But the drop in guest count continues the trend over the past four years. McDonalds says that the drop is because some of the sheen has rubbed off its all-day-breakfast. (As we predicted.)

Personally, I think it is just part of the trend of people shying away from the fast food giant.

“McDonalds will try to get people to try a burger they don’t want to eat.”


McDonalds menuSo what does McDonalds do? In typical McDonalds fashion, it is changing the McDonalds menu. This time, it has taken the innovative and bold step of introducing two new versions of the Big Mac. The Big Mac Jr. is a smaller version without the middle bun with only a single patty. The Grand Mac is a larger version with bigger patties and buns and more condiments.

Why am I having flashbacks of Supersize Me?

The McDonalds menu is not the problem

I am beginning to think that McDonalds doesn’t even listen to itself. Back in October, an internal memo surfaced that claimed only 1 in 5 millennials had even tried a Big Mac. This video below pretty much wraps up their sentiment on the subject:


So now, McDonalds is going to spend a gazillion dollars on promoting the new Big Macs on the McDonalds menu, starting in February. McDonalds will try to get people to try a burger they don’t want to eat.

Apparently, there was a meeting at McDonalds where its leaders. said, “Since no one is eating the Big Mac any more, lets make a bigger one and a smaller one to get more people to eat it.” Seriously? People actually get paid to come up with this horseshit?

A bigger Big Mac is just absurd and a Mac Jr. is for those people who want to have a Big Mac, but less?

The problem is not the Big Mac. The problem is McDonalds. Why is that so hard to understand?

People are not coming to McDonalds because the Big Mac is not small or large enough. They’re not coming to McDonalds because they hate McDonalds. Or to be fair, audiences have no relationship with McDonalds. Even with the new Big Macs, there is no reason for a millennial to come through the Golden Arches. The nostalgia and Americana of the brand does not resonate with them.

McDonalds is old. The brand is old.

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