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It is cognitive science, combined with experience and talent. Stealing Share has redefined what a branding agency is. We use modern cognitive science and the smarts of today’s persuasive analyses to transform your market.
Stealing Share - Branding

You need a new kind of branding agency

If you are satisfied with an old-school branding agency, you might as well just go here

Your competitive market is increasing the stakes. It has always been dog-eat-dog, but the margin of error is contracting. As a rogue branding agency, we spit on the grave of old-school branding ideas.

A few marketing rules are still valuable. But not the branding rules. They are outdated and out of touch.

branding agency taking no prisonersToday, a brand and a creative branding agency need to keep up with attitudinal changes and market flux. It is all changing fast. Here we have the elements you need in a modern rebrand strategy.

These market changes come at a cost. We call that cost integration. It demands a tight economy of scale in a banding agency.

All aspects of the experts working on your rebranding or brand launch must work closely together as a single team.

Even the divisions between teams at Stealing Share’s branding and design agency are blurry. That’s because they work closely together, drawing on each other for expertise.

As a result of this need for tight coordination, everything needed for rebranding or brand launch is under our one tent. We created a different and superior team structure. It is one of the advantages of not being a big company.

brand agency gets rid of headachesStealing Share takes on no more than five rebranding or brand launch projects at a time.

We want to stay at our current size. Here is how your team is different from other branding agency norms. We have no account executives. You work directly with the Strategists on your project.

A Resultant researcher works directly with your strategists. When we forge the creative elements needed to complete the brand project, you work directly with our creative director.

Our founder and most senior strategist, Tom Dougherty, dedicates 20% of his time to each project.

No go-between. No dog and pony show.

Here we have the elements you need in a modern rebrand strategy. Let’s start with a new idea. We call it persuasive branding. What’s different between your branding agency and other ones?

We invented persuasive branding

Persuasive branding means your brand becomes much more than just a stagnant brand identity.

a branding agency with a better ideaPersuasive branding demands hard choices and choosing a single idea.

In the market today, you must be single-minded. Who can afford the waste in a scattered approach? We own this discipline. We can’t afford to waste your money.

Uncovering the highest emotional intensity is the foundation of what we do as a branding agency. It needs to be the foundation of your brand.

It is so much more than just brand equities. While your competitors are looking at their brand equities, you will be moving away with all their customers.

When you hear another branding agency uses the term brand equity— kick them to the curb. You must have brand persuasion, not brand stagnation

Brand equities are a snapshot from the past, like a yellowed postcard— it’s pleasant nostalgia but no longer useful.

All brand needs to stand for something. But share-stealing brands grab your prospects by the emotional scruff of the neck and demand they pay attention and embrace your brand like family.

Brand persuasion adds a new element to your marketing tools. So, it is upon that revolutionary definition of branding that we start. We CREATE brand value. 

We have in-house research

Our brand strategists work directly with our researchers. They are a mix of branding strategists and anthropologists.

We won’t stop until we unearth the emotional intensity that drives your prospects to choose differently.

Discover what moves your prospects to engage, and you have the beginnings of a modern rebrand.

We don’t guess. Stealing Share developed a research process that enables us to quantify emotional triggers. We can compare apples and oranges. And this model is predictive. That means we can pinpoint the highest emotional trigger and turn the volume up on that key element.

As a result, prospects allow the rebrand to enter. You enter their considered set.

This process is a subtle form of rebranding. It does not always require a new logo or color palette, but it demands an emotional refresh.

Enter modern rebranding (with a capital R)

A persuasive brand is permission. It’s your gateway to importance. In a split second, prospects decide. It is what they are hearing, seeing, and experiencing just FOR them. Branding is more personal now. (Read the 3 Essential Elements of a successful rebranding project)

We are the only branding agency that crafts your brand’s permission scientifically. Modeling the message around belief statements, we build the brand’s permissions to ignite your prospects’ interest.

Stealing Share invented a behavioral modeling process to focus the research and reveal the highest emotional intensities.

This behavior model is a roadmap of influences. The modeling process leads the strategists and researchers to actionable research. Forget usage and attitudes.

The behavior model provides a window into the target market’s belief systems. It details the relationship between those highly held emotional precepts and the needs and wants those precepts create and control.

The model is predictive. When the research is out of the field and cross-tabulated, you can predict which needs and wants are directly linked to the ruling precept. It turbocharges your marketing efforts and messaging.

All this primary research forms the foundation of your new persuasive brand. So, you grab share from competitors. Steal share from other categories. Grow. Change. Adapt. Then adapt again and reinvent on the fly.

New marketing strategies and rebranding strategies focus on fleeting opportunities and lay the foundations for future relevance.No other branding agency comes close.

Any creative development needed we do in-house. Our creative director works closely with the strategists and researchers throughout the entire process.

He builds memorable work (a new logo if it’s required) from the same brief. But, unlike ad agencies, he holds a complete vision of your category.

All the color palettes, brand promises, tonality, and messaging are familiar to him because he worked with your team from the inception of the project.

branding agencyWe integrate the new brand theme into the creative work. We build all the brand promises and emotional power into a seamless body of work.

You arrive as a rebrand or launch to your competitors’ surprise and emerge as both different and better. Current customers cement their loyalty, and prospects reconsider the brand’s new importance.

We are not an advertising agency. We are a branding agency. But if needed, we will create the first round of advertising for you. Then we hand the reigns over to your in-house creative department or your advertising agency.

And we brief them. You lose nothing in the transition and translation.

Steal a few minutes of your time, and we will show you how to do it. Talk to us.

Adapt and revise your branding strategy 

Our process dissects your marketing strategy and brand into logical elements. Understanding the modern intricacies of go-to-market strategy can be complicated. Each brick must fit with the market-facing brand.

This has always been true. But today’s markets have no room for mistakes. If you screw up, you’ll be facing brand repair, not building on what you already have.

We’re the only branding agency that understands that.

News travels faster—even fabricated truths. Information overloads prospects’ senses, and they are drowning in a sea of marketing messages. More is not better. Your prospects are trying to filter out the noise, and most marketing is just that— noise.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, TicToc, and every conceivable information channel trained prospects to filter out SPAM. They are experts at ignoring. How does your message break through the filters?

We are crafting the branding strategy, message, and position.

Once the prospect grants the brand permission to be meaningful, they notice it. But this is no longer enough.

The marketing message has to agree with the rebranding. Think about the brand’s permission as the reason why. Why your brand exists and what it tries to accomplish.

The marketing strategy’s story and brand position tell the prospect WHAT the brand does.

As a result, your message is a tactical execution of the strategy. And the brand’s position is where the brand lives in the context of competitors.

The message has a short shelf life. The permissions and positions live longer.

A branding agency tying the marketing strategy together

branding agency breaking all the rulesAny unnecessary movement is a waste of energy. In rebranding, your energy is your money. Coordinate everything: brand permission, marketing position, and marketing strategy.

Stealing Share is the maestro branding agency keeping everything synced. This discipline is in our DNA. We insist on it.

But this requires bold marketing tactics. The message needs clarity. And insist the prospects read it.

Challenge your customers and prospects

Base your brand’s permission on their beliefs, and they understand the danger of rejection. Make their choice a denial of their values. This is the crux of emotional rebranding.

Then, with a highly intensive challenge, position your brand against competitors. Market your benefit aggressively. Keep the message clear, simple, and direct.

Challenge yourself and us— your rogue branding agency

branding agencies need rulesPlan on obsolescence and ignite engagement. Adapt your rebranding strategy and message continually. The dynamic, fast-changing marketplace today requires constant adjustments.

Ask something of your prospects. We ask something of our clients. Choosing is the magnetism of involvement, and it creates unbreakable bonds. Your potential customers covet something in which they invest.

So do ours. Don’t even consider another old-school branding agency. Choose smartly.