It’s an interesting moment when, as an adult, you become disenfranchised with the rising generation.

I am sure it’s just an amalgamation of feelings slapping me in the face, mixed with my typically snarky outlook on anything having to do with the mainstream media. But a welling sense of sadness has gripped me since Miley Cyrus’ Video Music Award performance last week.

miley-cyrus-vmasCyrus displayed pure tastelessness at the VMA’s (not that the VMA’s usually present taste anyhow). Her sexual gyrations and posturing, in near nakedness, was just too much, even for me.

Her reward for this has been celebration by pundits, outrage by others. While I am not prude, I don’t understand the high fives.

From CNN to The Huffington Post and Fox News, all you need do is visit the most viewed stories to find links of Cyrus sexually posing at the VMA’s. Incredibly, these links take precedence over worldly matters of the day.

It pains me to think that this is a symbol of artistic expression today.

I wish this generation had The Beatles, like I had. Maybe if I play “All You Need is Love” just a little louder someone from Cyrus’ generation will take notice.

I do hope so, but it seems we’ve reached the stage where outrageousness has replaced true art.