The brandman behind the power of Apple

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

8 June 2009

Why does Apple matter?

Why does the non-techie world tune into Apple’s WWDC?  The answer is quite simply because they own the world’s greatest brand. So, Why does Apple matter?

Why does Apple matterRecent stories are climbing all over themselves about the conference (taking place as I write this) and this kind of coverage and rumor is unprecedented in today’s economic world.

If only GM could garner as much buzz and anticipation over new car models and introductions as Apple generates on the rumor mill alone.

Well, here’s hoping that Steve Jobs returns to great health and his rightful place amongst the world’s most important visionaries and innovators. But regardless as to his immediate return to Apple, I have to tell you, his place as the world’s greatest brandman is very secure indeed.

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