About Stealing Share

Stealing Share is a global brand company that arms its clients with the tools they need to drive competitive advantages. We provide corporate rebranding, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, brand positioning, training, design and conduct research and with one goal in mind: To steal market share for our clients. We are experts in the science of persuasion, and have proven it with brands and companies all across the world. We have developed strategies and conducted research in the US, Europe, the Middle East as well as all over Asia. Our strategists uncover the fears, aspirations and belief systems of your target audiences and then we infuse those understandings into the DNA of your brand position. That’s how your brand creates real preference. It’s how we steal market share. If you don’t want our kind of brand company click here.

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Video about how a brand company steals market share
Stealing Share has a singular focus as a brand company and that is to steal market share

Our strategists create strategies and tactics that work

We don’t simply create a static image like other brand companies. We create actionable strategies that move the target audience to covet you and create lasting preference. Our brand company, as our logo suggests, goes “beyond theory.” We delve deeper into all the emotional interactions with your brand. Smart companies from around the globe see change as the avenue to steal market share. They have come to us to guide them through it and take advantage of those changes. Our strategists come from some of the finest branding companies, advertising agencies and marketing companies from across the globe. We have come together at Stealing Share to turn the world of branding upside down and engage in work that utilizes brand anthropology to guide you to become more important to those that you need to influence. Because we look at your brand organically, digging deep to analyze your strategy from the perspective of the target audience, we are different from any other brand company. Our work begins and ends with your target audience.

What makes the Stealing Share brand company different and better

Brand development choice
Every brand makes choices

Our strategic work is persuasive. Most of the time, other brand companies take their cues from you. They pursue positions that have the most meaning to the client. That is why so much brand work turns into chatter that ends up preaching to the choir, not the customers you can attract from the competition. The most important target audience is the customer of the competitive brands. We develop strategic positions that have significant meaning to the target audience you need to influence, recommending strategies so you own that position in the market. With Stealing Share, you are armed with specific and actionable tactics and strategies, as well as a strategic position you can implement immediately to start stealing share from the competition.