Go ahead and ask. Who needs a smart watch? First the rumor mill said it would come from Apple or Google. Now, apparently, it’s Microsoft that will be first with a smart watch.

What kind of impact will a smart watch have? It might be a collective shrug because most see watches as fashion, rather than being excited about its technology. Overcoming that perception is the biggest hurdle for smart watch manufacturers.

who needs a smart watch? Microsoft.Who needs a smart watch?

Remember the Casio calculator watch, or even the Casio wrist remote controller? Those watches never had mass appeal because being able to calculate numbers or control the TV with your watch was not all that exciting. In fact, keeping time – with cell phones and computers and clocks all around us – isn’t either.

For a smart watch to be successful, it has to overcome the existing perception that watches are dumb technology and almost strictly fashion. The fact that Apple, Google and Microsoft are all strong brands means they have the initial interest of consumers. But, considering that we already have smart phones, that won’t entirely resolve the big question.

Who needs a smart watch?