There is a lot of chatter in the media this week about Wi-Fi enabled flights. Delta and American seem to lead the way with Virgin America and Southwest having almost 100% coverage.

This is an example of why belief systems affect brand values. No doubt there are regulatory issues surrounding the introduction of Wi-Fi on flights. No doubt there are some technical issues too.

But I don’t care.

wi-fi enabled flightsWi-Fi enabled flights

I need Wi-Fi when I travel and I BELIEVE all flights should already have it. I base this uneducated belief on the ease of which I have made my home and working places Wi-Fi(ed), to coin a term. I plugged in a wireless router and it simply worked. At home, my Wi-Fi signal is so strong I can use it on my neighbor’s deck.

So, airlines, I am not pleased to find Wi-Fi isn’t on your flight. I consider it a table stake. When you don’t have it, I just figure you don’t care or understand anything about me.

Who knows, maybe you might even figure out that I need an AC plug too. Naaah. That would be asking too much.