News…yeah right. More like Faux News.

Tom Dougherty, CEO – Stealing Share

30 April 2009

What’s news anymore?

We have been predicting that the current economic downturn will cost one of the networks its existence. Could FOX – and, especially, its news division – be the one?

Well, if one of the warning signs of decline is a lack of vital importance, FOX has shown its true colors in not covering the Presidential Press conference.  Was it not news?  Was it not important? Did the customers it serves not care?

Fox News Logo

If a network’s viewers do not care, that network has brain dead viewers. If they think it was not important, they are not living in my world.

If, however, they wanted to reduce the echo chamber spin that plagues the 24 hour “news” networks, the solution would have been easy: Broadcast the press conference and skip the pundits and analysis. That’s what I did. The moment the President was done, I turned off Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and preferred to believe I had seen the conference for myself.

But at least I got to see it. FOX has lived up to its nickname once again…Faux News.

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