Stealing Share’s Branding Case Studies

Below are branding case studies of work Stealing Share has performed for its clients.

Only aggressive companies hire us. If you are not hungry and aggressive there are many brand companies that will give you what you want. We only give clients what they need. This means we are not always easy to work with (Here is a list of our competitors. They may be easier to work with). We are challenging and blunt because we believe candor saves everyone a lot of time.

A list of our branding case studies
Successful Brand Projects Need Partnerships

The results of this working partnership is delivery of branding elements that are much more than pretty pictures and clever theme lines. While we have had clients in almost every category it is not this experience that separates us from the brand rat pack. Out key expertise is in human beings. Their behavior and the motivators that promo them to change.  We call this brand anthropology because it is very different from traditional brand marketing.

These are not the run-of-the-mill branding case studies. Our job is not just to create equity markers like theme lines and logos, clients ask more of us. They ask us to create the platform from which stealing market share is a natural evolution. So with that additional and important charter, Stealing Share delivers the goods.

We model your customer’s behaviors, interview your employees, create and field research, evaluate the competitors, audit your brand, create a theme that steals market share, create logos and equity markers and help with the first round of creative advertising and marketing materials. However our work is not finished when we deliver a strategy deck and a brand creative portfolio. We believe in training and branding the message into the organization that hired us. It is not possible to demonstrate all of this in a branding case study. So call us. Give us an hour of your time and we will change everything.

  • A case study in rebranding: GlenGuard

    The world of fire resistant (FR) fabrics is a complicated one because its providers have several audiences to reach. There are distributors and industrial laundries. There are the workers themselves. And then there are safety managers, the ones who often make ... Read more...
  • American Fidelity. A case study in branding insurance.

    The American Fidelity Case Study. How we helped American Fidelity find the right brand promise. American Fidelity is one of the leading providers of supplemental insurance and benefits, specializing in auto dealerships, education, municipalities and health care. Its core customers are employers ... Read more...
  • The Force Awakens and its brand equity

    From a brand perspective, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just about perfect. It leverages its brand equity while connecting to a refreshed cast of characters to replace Han, Leia and Luke. As for the quality of the movie, I’ll leave ... Read more...
  • TriVantage

    TriVantage Textile Distribution. Customers of TriVantage are awning and marine fabricators and installers who need their orders quickly and without complication. Stealing Share combined the utility of logistics with the feeling of expression to create a brand that inspires and ... Read more...
  • Integra

    Integra LifeSciences. For surgeons, uncertainty must be limited in order for them to do their work with confidence. In a sea of blue, Stealing Share created a brand of order, simplicity and differentiation for a company who makes thousands of ... Read more...