Our Process

Branding Process. How to steal share.

The branding process starts here. It starts with precepts.

Our branding process is designed to grow market share. Because of this, our process starts with our strategists conducting one-on-one interviews with your key personnel and other influential members of your marketplace. And this includes media, suppliers and even some rejecters. All this helps us understand your marketplace, as it exists now.

We developed a  branding process is a predictive model for understanding and changing human behavior. And we use this model in our process. We call the model the Preceptive Behavioral Model.  And it’s based on a simple, fundamental truth that all human behavior is a result of beliefs. We call those beliefs Precepts. (We even have a metric for predicting how successful your marketing will be)


The branding process is all about beliefs and actions



Nike has always understood this idea.

Our model says you must perform one of two functions if you are to change consumer behavior and steal market share.  And always at the expense of your competitors.

So you must either align yourself with a powerful belief (Precept) already in the market space.  Or you must create and communicate a new one. So you must either move with the currents or switch streams altogether.

How we find your target audience – By going into the field.

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research to fully understand the market trends and key influences in the market. Then we test the precepts from the Preceptive Behavioral Model. This in addition to the usual benchmark queries so that we understand all of the market influences.

Always ask the right questions in order to be successful in growing market share.

How we analyze the competition – We broaden the scope.

Our branding process demands that we conduct a no-holds-barred review of market trends. It means we look at marketing messages. And we look at positioning, personality, promises, strategy, and consistency of all communication of the competition. We identify all the competitors and perform multiple investigations.

We visually graph competitors in a clear representation of a snapshot of the market. But we examine them from the outside-in point of view from the eyes of the customer.

How we look at your Brand – By looking at it dispassionately.

Seeing the branding process clearly means you must be dispassionate.

You love your brand, and it’s difficult to look at it objectively. We do that for you. We look at your current strategy with a dispassionate view. Only then can we clearly understand what the market is getting. .As a result we  uncover any equities. Being objective is a cornerstone of our branding process. We are challenge everything.

How we look at the market – From the outside in.

Your customers’ perceptions form the bedrock and foundation of our branding process.

As a result we value the outside-in perspective because it defines the complete category of choices. Importantly, from the perspective of the target market. It allows us to see the category from the most important point of view. The customer’s.

Our Branding Process – Actionable strategies you can execute immediately.

Every brand project is different and we have no cookie cutter solutions. However, every brand project we accept includes a brand charter, which acts as the constitution. What this means it defines for whom you are for, who you are not for, what you stand for, what promises you make and your personality. It states the position clearly.

We always identify quantifiable marketing goals and recommended the most intensive messaging that influences the greatest number of consumers and influencers.

Clearly identify the most important brand characteristics, both physical and emotional, as they relate to the target audience.

We create the blueprint for all of the creative work including marketing and advertising strategies.

Most importantly, however, it makes hard and important decisions that outline critical tactics. We also identify the single-minded brand proposition – the single most important idea that causes the change in the target audience and the growth of your market share.

The Stealing Share branding process includes all of the important strategic and creative work, such as:

A branding process to steal market share makes you see things differently

Click here for a project flow chart of a typical Stealing Share project.

Logo design, theme line, brand standards, marketing materials, website design, social media and sales training are often part of our deliverables. One thing you can count on is that whatever you need to steal market share will be part of your project.