Our Brand Development Work

Brand development work that always includes a brand position and strategy to increase preference.

Stealing Share provide a comprehensive and in-depth study of your customers, and then we create a position, strategies and tactics that shift consumer preference to your company. It’s what sets our brand development work apart.

Our clients believe what we do is more than having consultants pontificate on theory. In the end, those clients end up where they started, especially if that brand consultancy is basing their recommendations on marketing insight gained without research or are simply giving the clients what they want to hear.

Emotion drives preference in brand development
Stealing Share is a Science

None of our strategists or strategies are like that. We go into the field, conducting both qualitative research and quantitative research to find what is most emotionally intense for your target audiences as the start to the process and form the basis for your share-stealing brand.

Our clients demand more from our brand development. They rightly hold Stealing Share to a higher standard. That is why we examine the competition, competitive landscape, and your own brand. We develop a powerful brand position that is aligned with the beliefs of your target audience, and develop a marketing and brand strategy designed specifically to steal market share from your competitors.

The process at Stealing Share is scientific in nature, and the result is a position against the competition, most meaningful to audiences and true about your own company. No one wins when you simply copy the market leader. However you must know the emotional connection that the market leader enjoys. This requires a thoroughness that our process ensures. It also demands that we remain dispassionate when we do our work.

We ensure success because we approach your needs with a scientific methodology that uncovers hidden opportunities and all the barriers to success.