Stealing Share brand creative is on strategy


Brand Creative Services

Brand creative is much more than just a pretty picture when it comes from Stealing Share. It is ALWAYS on strategy. We win awards for our work but we never solicit awards. Our only goal is to execute the highest emotional intensity that moves the market to prefer your brand. Don’t get us wrong, it is always beautiful and perfectly designed but we ask so much more of it. Any artist with a modicum of talent can paint a great picture of a French Cafe. Our job is to make you want to eat there. Frequent it. Make it part of your life and a reflection of your precepts. That is what Stealing Share brand creative is all about. It’s about your most coveted prospects.

Should this matter to you? It does to us. We don’t “do” logos and brochures. We make brands breathe. Sometimes that involves a new logo and look and feel. Sometimes that requires imagery and context. Sometimes that requires repositioning and web work. What brand creative, as we define it always includes is the emotional fiber of the target audience. Something that speaks directly to the target audience and causes them to covet the brand. That only happens when art meets science and it happens everyday of every week at Stealing Share. It is both who we are and what we do.