Television. The talk in our office lately has centered on how the streaming video industry will eventually shake out. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and many others are already available. Also in the mix are iTunes and cable on-demand channels.

Choices are a good thing for consumers. Unfortunately, there is little difference in content among the current providers. For example, most of what’s streaming on Amazon Prime is also available on Netflix.

television choicesTelevision is in flux

Now we learn that Amazon is about to unveil a television box that basically does the same thing as Apple TV, only with Amazon content. This announcement comes just days after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote an exhaustive essay that predicted TV will become less about channels and more about apps.

If he’s correct, the war in television will be fought over content, not technology or even business model. Netflix, coming off an impressive earnings report, has the best model – subscription – but too much of its content is available elsewhere.

It won’t be long before everything will be available via streaming. Question is, which provider will dominate?